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THAI SUMBAI MASSAGEUnique Experience of Relaxation & Wellness ...

Welcome to the website of THAI SUMBAI MASSAGE, based in Peristeri, offering complete Thai massage services -by specialized therapists- with spectacular results for the body as well as the spirit!
At the THAI SUMBAI MASSAGE Center we have created a warm and relaxing space to provide high quality services to all those who trust us. Our concern is to achieve your physical and mental well-being! If you are looking for the benefits of authentic Thai massage, we are waiting for you at our center in Peristeri and we promise you to experience... the ultimate Thai Massage Experience!

Thai massage is a traditional massage that -as its title suggests- has its roots in Thailand. It is basically a combination of many massage techniques. Using essential oils and through the therapist's techniques, we achieve: fighting stress, calm, better blood circulation, better texture of the skin, but also anti-cellulite! Thai massage is an ancient therapy / method of 2500 years of history. The sessions take place in a completely relaxed atmosphere, while both the client and the therapist have light clothing.

Visit the THAI SUMBAI MASSAGE in Peristeri, and give yourself the luxury of a massage session at an affordable price! Keep in mind that Thai massage can be a real ally of your health. Love yourself and... trust him to THAI SUMBAI MASSAGE specialist therapists. Rejuvenate your body, balance the energy of the soul and mind, eliminate stress and stress ...